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The Kindred Spirits Gift Shop is a Colorado online boutique of unique gifts for moms and babies; spa and hospitality gifts; sympathy gifts and gift baskets; pet-lover gifts and gift baskets; gifts of faith and inspiration, angel collectibles, and so much more that will nourish the mind, body, and soul of those who mean the most to you.  Here you will find the perfect one-of-a-kind “gift of the heart” that says, “Thank you; I appreciate you; I love you; I cherish you; I care.” 

With hundreds of "soulful" gifts and gift baskets to choose from just a few clicks away, you will always have an opportunity to give memorable keepsake gifts that will make the lives of your "kindred spirits" more joyful.  So whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, upcoming holiday, or “just because,” we’re here to assist you with your year-round gift-giving needs while you make and keep the important connections in your life.

In Loving Memory Sympathy Gifts and Gift Baskets
Inspirational & Memorial Jewelry - Auntie Angel Designs
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Gifts of Hope, Faith and Encouragement
Angels with pet figurines
Colorado Gifts and Gift Baskets for Pet Guardians
Mom and Baby Keepsake Gifts & Gift Baskets
Stationery, Journals and Greeting Cards
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